Skill Development Program

Why Skill development?

It takes more than a good idea and a team of talented engineers/programmers. Apart from the core, project manager/lead needs to know how to guide the team through the entire software development life cycle. There are common pitfalls that plague all software projects and rookie mistakes that are made repeatedly-sometimes by the same people! Avoiding these pitfalls is not hard, but it is not necessarily intuitive. Techniques that any project manager can use in Applied Software Project Management, we provide you with tools, techniques, and practices that you can use on your own projects right away. Organizations face increasing demand for interoperability between individual systems.


What we can Offer?
As a core Embedded Systems company having expertise in C/C++, Embedded System Programming. We extend our support to train from students to corporate Our Technology experts offer training on telecom domain focusing on Android, Iphone and Tizen Urge to be on top of latest technology we have expertise in trainings on cloud computing, chrome browser and HTML5

AVISH develops transitions methods and tools, including:

  • Methods to diagnose governance and acquisition dimensions in system-of-system environments.
  • The Service Migration and Reuse Technique (SMART) to determine the feasibility of and build a plan for legacy system migration to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment
  • The T-Check approach for context-based technology evaluation

The Technical Software Process, along with the Personal Software Process, helps the high performance engineer to:

  • Ensure quality software products
  • Create secure software products
  • Improve process management in an organization

We develop engineering students and fresh graduates, a team concepts to the development of  software-intensive systems. A four-day launch process walks teams and their technical leads through:

  • Establishing goals
  • Defining team roles
  • Assessing risks
  • Producing a team plan

Our Skill development programs:

Modules Expertise Duration
Programming Language C, C++, Data Structures and
Design Patterns
2 months
Linux Programming Linux Internals programming
and Linux Device Drivers
4 months
Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems, RTOS
Programming and Embedded
Application Development on
Android and Embedded Linux
4 months
Software Engineering SEI CMMI Processes, SDLC
methodologies waterfall and
agile development process
2 months