AVISH is coming up with world-leading tools for embedded software design and development, bringing together the advanced software - firmware design technology needed to compete the future embedded applications era. Licensed users of pharynx process's products, includes telecom, datacom, automotive and electronic peripheral manufacturers. Range of AVISH products has a long history of technological leadership and innovation, the development tools include : Development environment with compilers, debuggers, embedded internet and RTOS offerings to support a wide range of DSPs and 8, 16 and 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers for all areas of embedded development.


Intelligent Device Management:
Intelligent Device Management (IDM) has become an everincreasing necessity as more systems and devices are connected to the network. Intelligent Device Management solutions lower the cost of maintenance and improve the performance of networked systems and devices. Service organizations and systems integrators can benefit from an IDM program, leveraging standards and device management solutions that this article introduces.

Verification of Mixed-Signal Systems:
Because real systems are mixed-signal, functional verification always requires the interaction between the different methodologies needed to verify the digital elements and the analogue ones. the proposed approach combines digital and analogue verification, providing verification engineers with a methodology and a set of intellectual properties to interface Specman Elite with a mixed-signal (multi language) simulator that results in a mixed signal verification environment able to manage high level models and spice level netlist.


Media services in a VoIP Network Voice over IP :
VOIP has finally evolved and matured from niche applications such as rate arbitrage and low-cost PC-based voice calls over the Internet to applications that will drive future service provider revenues. The market opportunity for IP-based enhanced voice services is significant. The DSP engineers can be independent of processor team in debugging their algorithms. Much of this growth will be driven by the introduction of interactive voice response (IVR) applications deployed in IP networks. These applications include traditional residential phone services now being offered by RBOCs, ILECs and cable TV providers; IP Centrex services; voice conferencing services and voice response/automated customer service applications.


PCL/CNC Software to Closely Link Motion Control to a PC-based Control System:
Offering the utmost in terms of flexibility, PC-based Motion Control systems provide a level of flexibility unknown in conventional solutions. By means of theVxWin technology deployed worldwide in over 70,000 real-time systems, Schleicher control systems can exploit all advantages offered by PC technology. Thanks to the familiar Windows interface, operators can integrate their own application expertise quickly and seamlessly. PC-based control systems also offer remote diagnosis and maintenance facilities and permit the installation of tools from the various drive manufacturers. The pre-configured Schleicher ProNumeric not only couples the CNC control system to a PLC in accordance with IEC 61131, but it also assures system flexibility
and optimized